Mobile app monetization firm YouAppi says app retargeting and reengagement campaigns can create a 70% improvement in the number of users coming back, particularly for ecommerce apps.

That’s important for app marketers to know, with 77 days to go in the holiday selling season (yes, I suppose ecommerce people are thinking about that already).

Data from mobile marketing platform YouAppi that analyzes shopping app retargeting and reengagement from Q4 2018 shows that these retention marketing ads can generate a significant increase in app usage and sales. In 2019, YouAppi is experiencing an increase of more than 300% in advertisers running app retargeting and reengagement campaigns.

App retargeting

Above: YouAppi is retargeting and reengaging to get app users back.

Image Credit: YouAppi

At YouAppi, app retargeting refers to targeting users who installed an app but didn’t proceed…

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