“Hopefully, 5-10 years down the line, a big lesson from COVID-19 is that we don’t have to force curriculums down young people’s throats. Everything is available online – so why shouldn’t we let people choose their own destiny?”

Pausing for a moment to lean back in his chair, backed by the whimsical plant-covered wall of his new office and content studio, Ben Lee is in his element. He speaks with poise, excitedly, and it seems as though he needs to take pauses like this occasionally to collect his thoughts before they get too far out in front of him. 

Lee moves fast: in thought, in speech, and in business. When he was 18, he climbed the ranks from busboy to manager of a nightclub making $20 million per year in revenue. When he started a digital agency, he scaled it from 2 engineers and a few laptops to over 150 employees, working with clients like Google and TikTok to…

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