To me, part of that ethos is retained in the newsletter ecosystem. “The magic of newsletters, I think, is how they cut through the noise of social media and establish this consistent, pretty intimate connection,” said Cai, who in 2015 spun her habit of DM’ing links to coworkers into Deez Links, and who now has 1,200 subscribers. “You end up building a relationship with people in a format that isn’t completely obsessive about the scale of your audience or monetization, so it can kind of float under the radar and feel like a big inside joke or a fun club.” As Warshaw put it, “in this age of the attention economy, newsletters let you be intentional about who you give your attention to.

Foster agreed. “I always compared newsletters to podcasts. Podcasts sound like somebody’s talking directly into your ears. Newsletters are like somebody’s sending you an email…I…

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