Well, that was unexpected.

After three very hectic months — three crazy months during which I managed to balance travel, speaking engagements, and writing — I essentially went dormant on October 15th.

It’s as if I were an electronic device that just received a major software upgrade, then had to shut down and reboot in order to resume normal functionality.

What do I mean?

For the past four weeks, I’ve done nothing. I sat in the hot tub. I read nerdy sci-fi novels. I watched nerdy sci-fi movies. I played videogames. I walked the dog.

Every morning, I’d sit down at my computer to write…but after an hour or two of answering email and/or curating articles, I’d somehow find myself in the spa again. I’d watch a movie (or Star Trek: Discovery), then get out and do some chores or run some errands.

I haven’t written anything substantial in weeks. But I don’t feel guilty about it. I…

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