Matthew Lepre had no intention of staying at university — nor did he have any interest in persuing a dentistry degree at the University of Melbourne.

After two weeks, he decided to return to Sydney working three manual labour jobs to help his single mother financially.

Going to university was something his mum wanted him to do.

But Mr Lepre had other dreams — he, like most young adults who just finish school, wanted a job allowing him the flexibility to work anywhere in the world, while making enough money to do all the things he enjoyed.

“My mum came to Australia as an immigrant with nothing, and we had to get help from the

Salvation Army, who brought us food to our house, just to get by,” he told

“She always had hopes that I would some day become a dentist and live a life better than she had.

“However, I knew a 9-5 job wasn’t the life I wanted to live.”

He went…

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