I’m the president of Articulate, a highly profitable SaaS company that’s been fully remote since its founding in 2002, has more than 250 employees, and will reach $100 million in recurring revenue this year. So when I heard that Twitter is breaking new ground by letting its employees work remotely, as this article by Margaret O’Mara in The New York Times suggests, I felt the need to set the record straight.

For more than 18 years, our team has proven that building a happy, healthy, connected remote workforce is not only possible — it’s not even that hard. It just takes intentionality.

And we aren’t the only long-time fully remote company around; there are a number of us, including Automattic, Buffer, Edgar, GitLab, InVision, and Zapier.

O’Mara’s article quotes Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft, pondering how companies will address connection, teamwork,…

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