When I was 13, I watched my father die of a heart attack in the middle of an episode of “Miami Vice.” I was just a kid, but I dealt with that tragedy like the venture capitalist I would grow up to be. I didn’t mourn; I spun. I wove a story about how my dad’s death was certainly sad but taught me valuable lessons about making every moment count because life is uncertain. That attitude propelled me forward in my professional life, where I became known as the guy who could get things done, who had no patience for b.s. — the guy who never quit hustling.

I never stopped to question my mentality, and why would I? The chest-thumping “I’m killing it” attitude is normal in the world of VCs and startups. But in 2014, I went to the doctor for a heart murmur that appeared while I was raising my fund’s first institutional round and simultaneously running my own venture-backed…

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