UC-San Diego Rady School of Management Dean Lisa Ordoñez. Courtesy photo

Lisa Ordoñez is the new face of business education at UC-San Diego’s Rady School of Management. Her arrival is auspiciously timed.

As the second-ever dean of the Rady School settles into her first semester, she does so amid a big helping of good news. Of 335 students enrolled at Rady across the school’s six master’s programs, 60% are women, including 43% of the latest full-time MBA cohort, enough to make many elite programs envious, 53% in the FlexEvening part-time MBA, and 49% in the FlexWeekend MBA.

Such a benchmark across programs seemed unlikely even a year ago, when Rady reported that just 28% of its full-time and 38% of its part-time MBA students were women. But a great deal has changed in the short period since. The school has made a concerted effort to cultivate interest from women eyeing business…

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