SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Miyah Landers is using her experience as a burn victim to help other children in need and warn teens of a dangerous online challenge.

Landers is the first to admit she made a mistake.  According to WXYZ, She was burned over 50% of her body attempting the Fire Challenge with friends. They were playing with fire and a bottle of alcohol when the bottle exploded, covering her with flames.

Doctors told Miyah’s mother to be prepared for her to be in Children’s Hospital for 6 months to a year. Miyah recovered in just 2 months. She spent those months covered in bandages that needed to be changed everyday and learned of many children less fortunate than she who’s parents couldn’t afford proper after-care supplies.

Miyah started a GoFundMe page to help burn survivors and give back to everyone who helped her recovery. The care packages will include…

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