Valve has shared its list of the top games from its digital PC store, Steam, for April 2020, with a list that shows diversity in genres and studios, with 14 different countries seeing representation from the studios responsible for the month’s biggest hits.

It was also a strong month for teams releasing their first games on Steam. Nine of the studios made the list with their first efforts on the platform, like 1939 Games with its digital card game Kards: The WWII Card Game, which charted both among free-to-play and all releases.

April was still a big month for huge franchises, with Resident Evil 3 and Gears Tactics making the list. Streets of Rage 4, the revival of the classic beat-’em-up, also found success on Steam. And don’t forget Fallout 76. Although the online multiplayer game had a rough start in 2018, Steam users were willing to try out the new Wastelanders…

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