My birthday is on Halloween, so every year I get super excited. I plan what my costume will be, decide how I want to celebrate and text all my friends to let them know.

Last year, I was finally able to host a Halloween and birthday party at my house. I was so excited. I haven’t had a party at my house since I was in high school, and I wanted to make it a big blowout.

But once I got to the party supply store, I was shocked. Everything was so expensive, including the cheap plastic decorations.

It was too close to party time to find a cheaper option, but I learned a lot from that experience. Here’s how I save on Halloween now and what I learned from last year.

Look for Party Supplies and Decor at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are one of the best places to get party supplies on a budget. You can find cheap punch bowls, mismatched glasses tablecloths and random pieces of decor.


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