Like a lot of other companies, Sayollo is putting advertisements inside mobile games. But the Israeli startup has a different approach, as its ads are on billboards that look like they belong inside the mobile game world.

Rehovot, Israel-based Sayollo has figured out that gamers appreciate ads that aren’t intrusive. But if they put a video ad or a static ad on a wall inside a game environment, it doesn’t look fake. Rather, it adds to the realism for a gamer to see a billboard ad in a racing game, or an ad on the side wall for the pitch in a soccer stadium. This works particularly well for brand advertisers who want to reach gamers, said Jonathan Attias, CEO of Sayollo, said in an interview with GamesBeat.

This takes me way back to the days of Massive, IGA Worldwide, and Double Fusion — the early startups that tried to bring in-game ads to console and PC games a decade…

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