Google’s Pixel phones are the company’s preferred way of showcasing its AI chops to consumers. Pixel phones consistently set the phone camera bar thanks to Google’s AI prowess. But many of the AI features have nothing to do with the camera. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL unveiled this week at the Made by Google hardware event in New York City continue this tradition. Camera improvements aside, the Pixel 4 makes a play for a new arena that Google clearly wants to rule: offline natural language processing.

At Google’s I/O 2019 developer conference in May, multiple executives touted being able to shrink the company’s cloud-based language model, which is over 100GB, to less than 100MB. The smaller model isn’t as accurate, of course, but it can work offline. The competition, whether that be Apple, Amazon, Samsung, or Microsoft, have nothing like it.

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