Festival Season is in full swing and Positive Money’s been getting involved! We’re keen to empower as many people as possible in communities around the UK to demand a money and banking system that serves them and not just bankers in the City of London.

Sarah from Bath volunteered on the Positive Money stall at Glastonbury Festival: “Over five days I talked to hundreds of friendly festival goers, and it was hugely rewarding and empowering. I was so encouraged by the number of people who wanted to sign our petition.

“Would you like to sign a petition to stop money going to fossil fuels? was the line that worked best to perk up the ears of passers by. Then often we’d go on to chat about the many problems our money and banking system causes, and how it has the potential to tackle them too.

“Inequality, high rents and climate change were the issues people talked about as…

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