Update at 3:40 p.m. Pacific time: Demon’s Souls is a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Sony pulled the trailer and told Kotaku that it added the disclaimer due to human error. So don’t expect to get the game on PC or Xbox — or, at least, not any time soon. Our original story follows below.

Sony wants to get the PlayStation 5 off to a strong launch, and it’s turning to a reliable partner to make that happen. Bluepoint Games, a developer with close ties to Sony, is remaking beloved cult classic Demon’s Souls. And Sony Interactive Entertainment showed more of that game in action as part of its PS5 Showcase event today. But you won’t need a PlayStation 5 to enjoy Bluepoint’s work. Demon’s Souls is also coming to PC, according to its trailer … which later got pulled. It’s also a console exclusive to PlayStation 5 for a limited time.

Demon’s Souls…

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