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Once in a while, we all need inspiration. We need to be reminded that we can rise from humble beginnings and make the best of our lives. That most of the time, all we need is the right attitude, a ne’er-say-die spirit and a clear vision of where we want to be. Two men who struggled through their childhood tell us how they turned their lives around in this feature.

GEORGE MINANI: “My childhood has made me who I am”

Growing up in Kakamega Town, George Muruka Minani and his seven siblings slept hungry for most nights, and had taken to lack of basic needs such as clothing, and shoes as normal. “We knew no other life apart from this,” says Mr Minani, 42, and a father of three.

The third born in a family of eight, George saw his parents struggle. “My father was a cook at an Approved School in Kakamega, while my mother was a housewife who…

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