One of my coworkers was diagnosed with the coronavirus; she is a medical assistant at our dermatology office. We believe she got it from another coworker. No one wants to go in because the place has not been professional disinfected or cleaned.

The owner is also seeing patients that are from Lakewood, N.J., one of the hot spots for the virus, and they are not using any precautions. They are, in my opinion, making it worse and spreading it. I refuse to go into the office. Could I be fired?

I do not feel safe going back.

Staying Home

Dispatches from the front lines of a pandemic: ‘They’ve likened it to a war where the number of casualties just keep on coming’: Italians find solidarity, resilience and music during the coronavirus lockdown

Dear Staying,

I stand with you and your colleagues who have decided to stay home.

Your boss should…

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