A true frugalist just hates to pay retail. Fortunately, that’s rarely necessary.

With just a handful of savings tactics, you can cut costs drastically on necessities and nice-to-haves alike. These are some pretty simple savings hacks, made easier by technology.

Try one (or all!) to make every dollar work for you – and work hard.

1. Combine sales with coupons.

One of the oldest frugal hacks in the book, this is simpler than it’s ever been thanks to coupon and deal sites like RetailMeNot, Savings.com and The Coupon Mom. Sure, some people still read store flyers, but shoppers are increasingly likely to look for the best deals online.

Sound like too much work? Search for “deals [name of store, name of your town]” and you’ll likely find that a regional deal/coupon blogger has done all the work for you.

The Coupon Mom offers state-by-state linking for sale/coupon/rebate…

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