It’s that time of year! I’ve been sorting through speaking invitations and comparing event schedules to my personal plans. I now have a rough idea of where I’ll be in 2020 — and when. (As I finalize details, I’ll update this post to reflect any changes.)

This year, I’ll be traveling much less than last.

In 2019, I was away from home something like 3-1/2 months out of twelve. That was too much. In 2020, I’m deliberately saying “no” to opportunities. Still, I enjoy meeting and connecting with other folks who want to improve their lives — and the lives of others. So, I’ve agreed to a handful of engagements.

Here are the highlights from my “money event” calendar for the next few months.

“Intro to FIRE” Project (March 31st)

Before I do any travel, I have to do some work.

At the moment, most of my energy and attention is devoted to a five-hour audio-only project that I’m…

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