You know how sometimes you let chores and errands and obligations pile up until there’s nothing left but to ignore what you want to do and take time to actually do what needs to be done? Yeah, well that’s what the past week has been like for me.

I’ve spent most of my waking hours cleaning and repairing the house, driving around Portland to take care of troublesome tasks, and calling companies (and government agencies) to close accounts and/or clarify questions. This includes six hours I devoted to replacing the kitchen faucet. Ugh.

J.D. vs. the Kitchen Sink

All this is to say: I haven’t had time to work much on Get Rich Slowly during the past seven days.

That said, I have been diligently tracking my expenses. As I mentioned at the start of the year, one of my goals in 2019 is to get back to basics. I’d grown complacent over the past few years. I’d succumbed to lifestyle inflation. I want to cut back on…

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