It’s always time for a vacation and having kids doesn’t mean they have be a stretch on your wallet. No matter what type of family fun you’re looking for, there are some great ways to save money. If frugal family fun is your goal, then these tips will help steer you in the right direction. Your whole family deserves a trip and you can make memories that will last forever.

Set A Budget From The Start

Step #1 of planning a vacation is setting a budget. This helps determine your location and how long you’ll be vacationing. Obviously, longer vacations can equate to more money spent. Like most expenditures, how much you spend on travel is highly personal. To be fiscally responsible, start putting money aside each month and save towards your end goal: your vacation dates. On average, our family spends 5% of our yearly income on travel.

Enjoy The Splendor Of National…

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