Homebrew? It isn’t as horrid as it used to be – and it can cost you less than 50p a pint

  •  A starter 40-pint kit that includes liquid malt extract with yeast cost from £12
  • The basic ingredients required for making your own beer from scratch – rather than relying on a kit – are hops, grain, water and yeast
  • An all-grain brewing equipment will cost around £200

The closure of pubs, combined with stressed household finances, has caused demand for homebrew kits to soar. And I am among those who have taken to brewing their own beer while in lockdown.

The result is a home bar well stocked with a mix of India pale ale, stout and cider – plus a few adventurous tipples that include mead and nettle beer. All for less than 50p a pint.

Of course, home brewing is not…

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