What’s a trip without enjoying the unique food of a given place? Regional fare is the gateway to a place’s culture, history, and people — not to mention enlivens the senses.

Particularly if you’re a foodie, not indulging in culinary adventures while traveling can make you feel outright robbed. What’s an excursion to New Orleans without a steaming bowl of seafood gumbo, or beignets paired with espresso? What about stacked enchiladas smeared in green sauce or warm, crispy sopapillas while traversing the terrain of New Mexico? There are some places were it feels like if you didn’t eat local, you didn’t go there at all.

On the flip side, it’s far too easy to go over your food budget while vacationing. Americans spend an average of $27 a day on food while traveling in the U.S., and $35 a day when traveling internationally, according to ValuePenguin. If you spend more…

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