Several years ago, when I was living a lifestyle that was at least partially funded by credit card debt, I absolutely hated the middle of January.

Every single December, I would overspend. I’d buy expensive gifts for everyone on my list. Sarah and I would buy a pile of gifts for each other. We’d eat a lot of expensive foods. We’d travel. We’d decorate. We’d have “shopping days” where we’d also stop at coffee shops, go out for lunch, and usually end with an expensive supper.

It felt fun at the time, but by early January, it had faded. Then, mid-January would hit and the bills would start rolling in and it felt awful.

The debt hole we were in was deeper than ever.

In fact, the last year that we were in such deep debt, just before we committed to a turnaround, was particularly awful. I have a strong memory of a snowy day where I was sitting in my vehicle after…

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