Jumping in the car and heading across the country is a dream many Americans have, immortalized in books and films, the road trip is more than a trip from one point to another, it is a journey of self-discovery, a rite of passage, and can change the way you think about other parts of the country. But while the media may romanticize the idea, the reality budgeting and planning for your own adventure can be a daunting task. Having crisscrossed the country several times, by car, motorcycle, and RV, here are my top tips for planning the perfect road trip.  

The Destination

Road trips should be about the journey; singing along in the car, friends, family, and stopping off at roadside attractions or taking some extra time to visit small towns. While you can technically drive Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles in just a few days, what fun is it if you don’t get to sleep in a…

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