[Transcribed and adapted from the YouTube video: ‘How To Become Invaluable at Your Job with Pamela Slim and Ramit Sethi’]

Key Takeaways

  • In uncertain economic conditions, it’s crucial to think about your value in the workplace
  • Demonstrating value is more about your mindset
  • Ask for and get used to receiving feedback on your work
  • Learn to place value on yourself

Let’s face it: times are tough. Right now, there’s record unemployment, a pandemic, and murder hornets. AKA, a lot to be worried about. One thing that we often stress about, even when things are normal, is how we’re valued at our job. 

That makes sense. We’re being reviewed, critiqued, and audited constantly and then given raises based on our performance—literally putting a value on our work. And, now that there’s such volatility in the market, people are more…

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