A school has sparked anger after introducing a policy of fining parents if they’re late picking up their children.

As part of new rules at Holy Trinity School in Gravesend, parents and carers will be fined £1 every five minutes per child if they fail to pick their kids up by 3.40pm – although the penalty will only come into force they’ve been late three times.

Holy Trinity C of E Primary Trinity Road, Gravesend.
Holy Trinity C of E Primary Trinity Road, Gravesend.

The new policy also states the school will contact social services if a child isn’t collected by 4pm, and if parents cannot be contacted children will be admitted into the care of the local authority.

But some fear the extra cost and threats will punish less-well off families who are struggling to cover basic costs already.

“As parents of the school we were shocked and appalled to receive this notification from the school,” said an anonymous parent.

“Gravesend is a deprived…

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