PARTY frocks and other togs for the festive season can cost a pretty penny. Around three in five of us buy at least one new item of clothing, spending on average £106.

So when I found out mum-of-two Nina Dixon 29, from Blackburn, bagged a dress for a black-tie party for just 10p, I just had to speak to her. Here are her top tips on hunting down bargains in charity shops and online . . .

 Nina Dixon sparkles in her bargain 10p dress


Nina Dixon sparkles in her bargain 10p dressCredit: Kennedy News and Media

ALL IN A GOOD CAUSE: Nina cannot get enough of charity shops. She says: “Wherever I am, I always go into them. A few years ago there was a closing-down sale at one near me and you could fill up a bag for £1. I’m also passionate about charity shops now because of the environment — it’s good for things to be re-used.” My 10p dress has got me a lot of compliments, too. I bought it to go to see a charity boxing…

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