It’s like clockwork.

Every year, right around Black Friday, I start getting messages from readers asking for holiday gift ideas. These requests come in one of two flavors — either they’re frugal people looking for good “bang for the buck” gifts to get for relatives, or they’re people wondering what on earth to get for their frugal relative who seems to not want much of anything.

Often, I’ll point them back to previous holiday gift guides, like this one from last year, or this 2017 guide. However, I’m often asked for an updated list, likely because they grabbed the good ideas from older lists and now want more good ideas.

So, let’s answer those eternal questions. What are some great low-cost gift ideas that everyone would like? And what would a frugal person like as a gift for the holidays?

If you’re a frugal person giving gifts, be thoughtful.

If you’re a…

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