In 1903 the Wright brothers did the impossible; they flew. Not only that, but they did it with some wood wrapped in fabric and a 12 horsepower gasoline engine. I’m fondly reminded of their crude efforts as I step into the booth for Fly, a new VR experience showing at London’s Saatchi Gallery this month.

Inside the strange giant egg that houses Fly, which is created and directed by Charlotte Mikkelborg, you’ll find a curious makeshift VR rig. To the front is a sort of harness you lean into during the attraction’s first half, and behind it a chair to sit in in the second. Strap in, put on an HTC Vive and you’ll find yourself in the fields of Tuscanny, next to a daydreaming Leonardo DaVinci.

It’s here that you get your first taste of what Fly is all about. You suddenly find yourself cast as a bird, soaring through the sky high above the fields DaVinci ponders in. It’s…

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