Back in 2016, César Escudero Andaluz and Martín Nadal hacked an old calculator and turned it into Bitttercoin “the worst Bitcoin miner ever”. Relying on a rudimentary technology, the machine takes an excruciatingly long time (estimated to an eternity) to validate the pending transactions in the blockchain. Meanwhile, the complex computational operations are printed on a seemingly endless scroll. I’ll be forever grateful to the two artists for creating a work that materialises so clearly the invisible calculations, physical dimension and ecological impact of blockchain technology. It’s one of those works that make your life easier when you have to explain an otherwise abstruse technological innovation.

César Escudero Andaluz, Tapebook, 2014 Photo: Florian Voggeneder (CC-BY-NC-ND) Ars Electronica

César Escudero Andaluz and Martín Nadal, BittterCoin. Photo by Marcin…

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