THOSE that grew up on a farm, or in the country in general, know the perks – the peace, the serenity, the wide open spaces, the animals and the friendly neighbours.

While those that grew up in the city might have had a lot more access to a lot more things, they missed out on enjoying the slower pace of life and experiencing the beauty of the country.

But a website, which is becoming increasingly popular with WA farmers, is offering a way to change that.

YouCamp is an Australian site which allows landholders around the country to hire out space on their property for people to camp on.

For farmers it offers an additional source of income, while for city folk, it offers the chance to camp on a farm and experience the peacefulness of country life.

The types of farms and properties using the website vary greatly and include everything from a family run beef and sheep farm in the foothills of…

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