Peru is one of fastest-growing economies in South America, with mining regarded as one of the key drivers behind the growth record.

Edi Hirose has dedicated the past few years to documenting how his country is grappling with the many transformations brought about by the economic boom. First, he turned his gaze to the construction frenzy in urban areas. His images show how bleak brick buildings, quickly erected skyscrapers, soulless concrete and “blind walls” are slowly eating up Peruvian cities and their surrounding territory.

Edi Hirose, Expansion 1, 2013

Edi Hirose, Expansion 1, 2013

Soon enough though, the photographer left the urban context to investigate the industry that makes modern life possible and yet, remains invisible to city dwellers: mining. He and his camera thus ventured into the Amazonian region. Last year, gold mining deforestation destroyed an estimated…

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