Alexia Hilbertidou’s mission is to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and enter traditionally male-dominated industries. Before speaking at next month’s Central Otago Health and Safety Forum, Miss Hilbertidou  spoke to Tracey Roxburgh about GirlBoss New Zealand and her hopes for what it can achieve.

When Alexia Hilbertidou was 16, she looked around her IT class and realised she was the only girl there.

A year later, she became the only girl in her advanced physics class and started questioning why other young women were not represented in fast-growing fields.

“I felt quite isolated in that experience, and spurred on by that isolation, I started GirlBoss New Zealand, to create a community for other young women who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, maths, leadership and entrepreneurship.”

Four years on, Miss Hilbertidou is the chief executive of…

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