The peal and crash of thunder. Echoing footsteps. The sounds of some creeping, sliding, unknowable horror.

Mind Keeper: The Lurking Fear drops players into the dread of a Lovecraftian mystery, having them explore the labyrinthine hallways of an expansive mansion and the sunken byways of the “Swamp of Storms” that surround it. The story of Marcus Morris, his wife, and two sons, unfolds in snippets of story delivered between your dangerous wanderings. It’s an evocative piece of first-person play delivered not on PC, console, or even smartphone, but instead created specifically to run on the postage stamp-sized screen of an Apple Watch.

Four years and five models after the release of the original Apple Watch, the games created for the device continue to improve, pushing the technology and what can be created on it to its limits. But despite its slow, steady improvements,…

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