While the closure of free ATMs is sadly nothing new, when the release of fresh figures coincided with the calling of a general election, we spotted an opportunity to call on whoever makes up the next government to protect this vital part of our money and banking system.  

5,644 free-to-use cash machines (11% of the total!) have closed across the UK in just twelve months. Whilst the number of pay-to-use machines has shot up by over a thousand

We analysed data that the ATM network Link releases each month to put together a clear picture of how the free-to-use network has fared between July 2018 and August 2019. Further number crunching helped us discover just how badly the public has been affected across the UK’s 650 different constituencies. You can find the exact figures for yours here

It’s happening because of lobbying by private banks and card companies who want to…

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