Saturday night, Kim and I joined 25,216 other soccer fans to watch the Portland Timbers defeat the Vancouver Whitecaps 3-1 during a crazy rare August rainstorm. (Portland gets a lot of rain…but not in early August.) The match was a lot of fun, with three terrific goals. Here. I’ll share highlights with you…

I’ve owned Timbers season tickets since 2010, the year before they made the leap to the top league in the U.S. — but I’ve been a fan since 1975, when I was six years old. My earliest sports memories are listening to Timbers games on a transistor radio, cheering for the likes of Clive Charles, John Bain, and (especially) goalkeeper Mick Poole. I wanted to be Mick Poole.

Each year in August, I get my Timbers renewal letter. If I want season tickets again, it’s time to purchase them.

For the first few years, this was an easy decision. Tickets were cheap. In 2011, they cost me…

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