As the year winds down, you may find your spending picks up. With holidays approaching, families may be preparing for trips to see their loved ones or they’re buying gifts. However, if you haven’t been saving beforehand, it can mean putting things on a credit card and being stuck with debt for a while.  

 Easy Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season 

If you’re trying to avoid breaking your budget and taking on debt, you need to have a plan to save moreThe challenge that you may have – like many parents – is finding ones that give you big enough wins for the time you put in.  

 I totally get it. With two little ones at home, we are careful with our schedule. No one is looking to save $5 here or there by taking a ton of mindless surveys, but $5 -10 a day for hardly any work? That could be a winner as that’s translating to an extra $150-$300 a month.  

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