Nani Israel, founder of Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy

Nationwide — The Ladies of Elegance Charm Academy (@loeacademy), an innovative online charm school for current and aspiring minority business women, has expanded its digital doors toward college students for the opportunity to create, launch, and manage their own income-generating enterprises for 2020.

The Glow Get-Her School, as the Academy affectionately calls its membership program, is the first of its kind to provide ongoing hands-on coaching, video training, business-building & productivity worksheets as well as daily accountability tasks throughout the students’ entrepreneurial journey.

“This is the world’s first online program that is built from and for black women aimed at leveling up our confidence as well as our coins,” stated the founder, Nani Israel. “The Millennial and Generation Z women that I’ve coached over the last 8 years learn how to build…

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