The world is full of odd jobs, but here’s what one of the most unusual: scooter retriever.

During a recent show, I got a call from Tiffany in Los Angeles. Her side-hustle is to pick up electric scooters, recharge them, and put them back on the street. Companies like Bird and Lime have become very popular in certain cities, and the services hire regular people to help out with their stock.

Tiffany claims to earn between $6,500 and $7,500 per month. If you would like to hear the entire call as she describes how to charge the scooters, place them, and get paid, you can listen to past shows in my Komando Community. Tap or click here to check it out now.

One thing is sure: technology has opened up a lot of job opportunities. Specialized apps and websites make second jobs more accessible and more flexible than ever – and some people are making serious bank.

Some opportunities come in waves.

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