It’s a new year and there are a heap of upcoming Valve Index games to look forward to.

Valve’s premium VR headset emerged as arguably the best device on the market in 2019. Its launch was propped up with hundreds of existing SteamVR games to experience all over again with sharp visuals and a new pair of controllers. But in 2020 we want to see new titles that make full use of the Index hardware.

We already know Valve will be providing a prime example, but below are bunch of other upcoming Valve Index games we’re looking forward to.

Note that this list contains games you can pick up on SteamVR.

After The Fall

Vertigo Games’ full follow-up to Arizona Sunshine has been years in the making, but 2020 will be the year After The Fall steps out of the shadows. This polished, pretty zombie VR shooter offers co-op play, a sprawling set of missions and a frozen wasteland to…

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