This week’s Ask The Simple Dollar theme is automobiles — buying them, maintaining them, deciding when to sell them and getting car insurance for them. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question.

1. Car maintenance checklist
2. Buying from a private seller
3. Trusted car manufacturers or brands
4. Long-term hybrid car use
5. When to drop comprehensive insurance
6. Performing car maintenance at home
7. Is a mechanic lying?
8. The value of pickup truck
9. Thoughts on the Subaru Outback
10. Do I need a car?
11. What car do I need in a rural area?

Q1: Car maintenance checklist

Do you have a checklist of things a person should do to maintain their car? I just bought my first car at age 31 after living in NYC for many years. I now live in a much smaller city that doesn’t have much for public transport but I really needed to get out of the rat race. I know how to drive but I…

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